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Founded in 1997 by brothers Brian and Michael Buckley, Greyhound Recycling and Recovery Ltd has grown to become one of the most innovative waste solution providers in Ireland and placed itself firmly at the forefront of selling and marketing dry recyclables in overseas markets. The company recently came top in the Safety & Environment category in Irish Fleet Magazine's 2008 awards.Greyhound Recycling

Greyhound is headquartered in Clondalkin, Dublin, with a staff of 200 and a turnover in excess of EUR35 million. It operates the largest, privately-owned integrated recovery facility in Ireland and the most modern plant facility of its kind in Europe. It has over 3,500 commercial customers and works directly with 12 local authorities. Customers include Coca Cola Bottlers Ireland, Batchelors, Cadbury and Dundrum Town Centre. The company says it recycles and recovers close to 80 percent of all materials collected.

Greyhound believes that diverting waste away from landfill is the only approach to waste management. It can process 250,000 tonnes per annum of packaging recyclables at its 12-acre flagship Sustainable Resource Recovery Facility on Crag Avenue, developed at a cost of EUR15 million over the past two years. Greyhound also services the Munster area from its Waste Management Centre in Limerick and is licensed to process 150,000 tonnes of packaging recyclables. Greyhound's relationship with Manvik, Ireland's largest supplier of municipal equipment has lasted for more than 10 years. Last year, Manvik provided Greyhound with seven Hino 'Big Bite' RELs (rear end loaders) fitted with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to allow Greyhound to log collections on a per bin basis. The vehicles are also monitored through GPS (global positioning system), which ensures visibility at all times.

Manvik and Greyhound: a successful partnership

Recently, Greyhound won a significant contract to handle the green bin waste collection and recycling for four councils in the Dublin area: Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and South Dublin County Council. The company will also run Dublin City Council's recycling centre which will process the waste collected for the four councils. Manvik was an invaluable help to Greyhound in preparing a tender for the contract, according to Greyhound managing director Michael Buckley, who explains that the council contract concerned domestic collection rather than commercial collection, both of which use very different types of vehicle. In addition, there are specific times allocated for waste collection. Manvik was on hand to help Greyhound with its submission for the tender by providing technical data relating to the capacity of domestic trucks for loading waste and chipping bins. This enabled Greyhound to generate accurate statistics of the tonnages being collected.

Commenting on Manvik's assistance in preparing the tender, Michael says that Manvik was available at short notice during the tender process to provide backup and answers to queries relating to the collection side of the contract. Getting on the road

To fulfill the contract with the councils, Greyhound will lease a fleet of 30 RELs, including onboard technology to recover collection data for bin contents, from Manvik. The data will be relayed to the local authorities to give them an accurate picture of the quantities of material coming through from the green bin collection.

Michael reveals that one of the key business challenges Greyhound will face is getting 30 trucks up and running by January 2008 and keeping the fleet on the road once it's operational. Manvik's experience should prove invaluable; making the jump from providing Greyhound with seven RELs last year to 30 this year should not prove too difficult for Manvik given its ability to provide total waste management solutions from full contract hire for as many as 100 refuse collectors.

Staying on the road When it comes to keeping the fleet on the road, Manvik already has experience in providing a full backup service to Greyhound, with engineers available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and callouts. Michael Gray, chief engineer at Manvik, is confident that all the trucks will be ready for the contract "well before Greyhound needs them. We'll have them waiting to go probably a month before they're needed".

In an illustration of Manvik's deep involvement in the process, the company is also going to provide training and certification to drivers moving over from the previous holder of the contract to Greyhound. The contract stipulated that a number of staff be transferred to Greyhound from the previous supplier and it will be Manvik's responsibility to provide refresher courses and training to bring them up to speed on the vehicles Greyhound will be using. "We're going to provide the training and certification," Gray reveals. Greyhound running into the future

Looking forward, Michael says Greyhound hopes to expand its relationship with local authorities over the coming years and will rely on partners like Manvik to provide important logistical support to make sure large contracts run smoothly.

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